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NaturalMom Life Hacks

Life Hack no. 1
Keurig Coffee DIY. Someone gave me their extra Keurig brewer and we fell in love with it. As coffee lovers my husband and I love fresh strong coffee. But as you know, the Kcups are expensive. I took a chance and bought the As Seen On TV Kcup refillable pods. They worked great but I wasn’t getting the same strong brew as the store bought brands. So I tore open a Kcup and noticed how fine their grind was. So the next trip to the grocery store had me buying espresso grind coffee. This worked better but I missed all the great flavor varieties I liked buying on sale like Melita French Vanilla or Hazelnut. Them one day I tried something. I came home and put it in my Cuisinart food processor. But that still didn’t work. Next, I picked up a Wegmans brand flavored coffee ground bag on sale for $4.99 and opened it in the store. I put it through the store coffee grinder on Turkish grind (finer grind than espresso). and there it was!!! I found the perfect mix. To stretch the mix I blended it with a can of cheap espresso grind. Now, we have our own, cheap Keurig blend that’s packed with flavor. Just be careful not to over fill the pod. Use their measuring spoon and don’t overfill or you will put too much pressure on the pump.

Life Hack no. 2

Save paper and space!








Print on index cards instead of printer paper. It’s cheaper, more manageable on the fridge or wherever you keep your life organized – even work, and darn it… really cute!

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Life Hack No. 3

Microwave popcorn DIY. We love microwave popcorn but not all the chemicals. I’ve come up with just as easy of a solution. You’ll need: popping corn (I had this jar for over a year before I discovered this method and they still tasted fresh), a glass Pyrex dish (you CAN NOT use anything else or it will melt or explode – don’t believe me??), some form of oil or butter (you can use coconut oil, olive oil or whatever form you usually cook with), and lastly plastic wrap.

Method: ••use just enough kernels to cover the bottom of your dish. ••Add oil and seasoning. ••Cover with two layers of good quality wrap making sure it wraps underneath for a secure grip. ••Poke holes in plastic to allow vapors to escape and prevent your popcorn from getting soggy ••Place in microwave for around 5 minutes depending on the power. I use a 1200W microwave. ••Carefully remove popcorn and peel off plastic wrap. ••Transfer to another bowl and give it a quick toss.

Warning – the glass bowl will be very very hot for a long time. Take care when placing on a cold surface. Also, popcorn WILL catch fire! Again, don’t believe me??!!!! Watch it carefully and judge for yourself.

If your microwave catches fire…. leave the door closed and take it outside to extinguish. Use common sense and stop the microwave before that happens!!

Note: I usually use more kernels but this was all I had. About a quarter cup will fill the entire glass dish full of hot crunchy popcorn!!