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My Absent Note

Some of you will note that I have been absent from this blog for several months. Quite honestly, I only started the blog for experience. I enjoy learning about all the different methods of marketing and blogging was so hot and heavy, I just HAD to have one. So, my apologies. This blog is purely a Frankentstein baby for me. It is not a love child, but a virtual experiment. My newest virtual child’s mutation will result in a virtual arm donated by DevHub.

Starting this weekend I will merge this blog with a DevHub site. Actually, that’s not correct. I will use DevHub’s site to optimize and exploit this site. Why? For the sake of science. Because I like knowing all there is to know about ‘marketing’.

Furthermore, I will use DevHub to try and link in my photography. Most recently I had the opportunity to photograph a daily event that happens all across the US on both hobby farms and mega-farms… a slaughter. This was a family farm and they didn’t mind me sticking my face (camera) in the middle of their process. The final result – some very cool, disgusting, intriguing pictures of a process that most people would quickly avoid, but very easily devour. Why is it that we are OK with the thought of buying meat that is bought in bulk, on sale, discounted, organic, free range, domestic, aged and so on… But ask a suburbanite to stop by Saturday to pick up their freshly killed porker and they are ready to call Animal Cruelty on you… How funny is that! Seriously. I refer to these people as ‘sterilized’. I  know there have been some very serious connotations with that term throughout history, but it perfectly fits this example. See no evil, hear no evil, SMELL no evil.

I believe my life path is continuing to develop on this subject. Closing the gap between common, rather educated individuals and the people who could actually survive a rather significant metropolitan catastrophe. But I digress…

Back to the original topic at hand. My attempt at developing my WordPress Blog with DevHub will be posted here. Any success and failures will continue to be published here, possibly through DevHub. Best of luck to me!

Fourth of July came… and went.

It’s been a short month. In spite of me losing my job the kids have done some traveling. The girls are down in Nutley, NJ at my aunt’s house and Christian is at his father’s house for July. Emily has since finished her medication two Friday’s ago. Not knowing, I thought I had to take her back for a Lyme test. Here was my finding:

1. No, there is not test for a cure. It will always show up as positive.
2. New York is a very HIGH risk state for Lyme Disease
3. Only a female deer tick will carry the Lyme Disease
4. It must complete a 36 hour feeding cycle before it release Lyme Disease into the host.
5. Keep girls hair up in a pony tail or pig tails
6. MOST IMPORTANTLY – do nightly tick checks. This will prevent the 36 hour feeding cycle from completing!

Sure enough, after giving Emily a bath one night… She had a deer tick on her. Ironically it was in the same spot that we first noticed the bullseye rash!

I called the doctor and she said it wasn’t necessary to bring it in for testing since we got it within 24 hours. Whew! We now routinely do TICK CHECKS throughout the day. Never too cautious.

I’ve posted some pics of the past few weeks.

My next few posts will be about something dear to my heart (besides my kids but in line with my beloved family). My parents are hobby farmers. You can see their latest venture into Berkshire pigs coming soon!